Word of October 8th



(adj.) not sensible about practical matters


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Announcing Word of the Day!


Okay, so this concept isn’t entirely new (fine, not new at all), but it’s VERY helpful to have an arsenal of vocabulary at your disposal if you’re a writer so your prose can be as colourful* as possible.

A diverse vernacular can make an enormous impact on one’s writing. So much so, that it can make the difference of seeming like an amateur versus a professional. For example, a common writing tip is to avoid using phrases along the lines of “very —-“. They call it lazy, and it isn’t that fun to read, either. Instead, use a word that portrays the extremity interestingly. But how are you supposed to replace those two words if you know no other words?

You see what I mean? So I’ll post here everyday with my best attempt at finding you a worthwhile word to learn. And I’m not going to be selfish here. I found another blog that I absolutely love that has a whole bunch of cool words, one of which inspired my current novel in half a sense (good luck figuring out what I mean by “half a sense”). Check it out at http://other-wordly.tumblr.com/ .


*excuse my non-American spelling