Yes, I am back… again


Okay, it’s been officially established that I suck at keeping this schedule, or at least I did until my schooling came to a slow close. I now have more time and less stress, and so my artistic pursuits will take a major uplift. I have, in fact, produced a few pieces while I was still in school, but not at any rate to sneeze at for that matter, nor of any quality that shows improvement. I was just using them to relax. Nevertheless I will post them and their tutorials if I have the necessary screenshots. Some should already been in my portfolio in the “My Work” section.

I’ve also made a bit of a schedule to keep on track.

Tuesday: Art-related posts

Thursday: Writing-related posts

The other categories will generally be posted on the weekends.

Now all of you people out there who only wish to follow one of the categories can look out for specific days.

Look out for next Tuesday, the official start of this schedule! I’ll be touching on character studies from both art and writing perspectives.

Stay sparky, stay weird
– AJ