Alrighty. Time to introduce something


Guess what? No seriously, guess. Because if you’ve already read the title, then your guess is probably right, so why not be right for once, huh?

I know, I know. Last time I introduced something it was a complete failure. But I’ve learned my lesson: I cannot for the life of me keep up with a daily blog post thing. Not. At. All.

So this new thing will basically run on a weekly-ish basis/ whenever I find time which I hope is weekly. Maybe Thursdays. No idea. Until the time when I am free from schooling, this blog will run in this sort of scattered fashion. So sorry. But I promise I’ll tidy it up a bit in 2017 sometime.

And now (because I know it’s killing you) the actual introduction. I’m going to do a “Back to the Basics” series in both writing and art for both beginners and advanced people. Why would and advanced artist or writer need a lesson on basics you ask? A lot of artists want to start off with perfection. They want masterpieces, complex formations, and beautiful scenes straight from their heads. And so they try so hard in weird abstract ways to do this without actually learning anything solid from it that they can carry onto other works. Yes, with experimentation you can learn some things, a lot of cool things that can make your style unique, and I’m not knocking this as a learning method. But you will have knowledge gaps- gaps you might never close because you never notice the pattern or even realize such a pattern could exist.I hope I can fill in some of those gaps and take your art to the next level.

The same thing goes for writing, except sometimes I think that people get the most basic and then the most advanced, if they’ve done their research. They completely miss the middle step from basic to advanced, leaving a different type of knowledge gap and their work seems to miss something, a type of personal flare. I hope to allow you to use the basic tools of writing to develop your own style and subsequently use advanced tools in your own unique taste.

So basically: It’s not going to be boring, and it will be useful for er’ryone.

Stay posted (posted- because it’s a blog haha)



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