Updating! Sorry for the Break

The Epic Domestic Journey

Alright guys. It’s time for a little something I call getting my crap together. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve last posted, but a lot of stuff has been going on and I’m rather scatter-brained to say the least, so this blog hasn’t quite made it into my daily life.

But now to the update. All the stuff that has been going on are new projects! Sora, the sculpture I’ve been working on is almost done, and if you have managed to find my Instagram @creatricity, you’d have seen the progress. But fear not. I’ll still post a tutorial for him.

The second is the novel I’m working on. I’ve been working on this particular piece for about… say… 4 years, but it never lifted off the ground until about last year and reaaaallllyyy kicked off this year (or so I think/really hope). I’ll just leave it at that. I’m sure I’ll tease you guys on it when I get closer to finishing.

I’m also working on an animation for an animation class I’m taking for fun, and yeah, I might post it if the formatting works. After all, I promised I’d post every work I do even if I think it’s utter sh*t. ‘Tis the artist process, and I don’t think that people know that it’s supposed to be crap at first.

Aaannnnnyyyyywayyyy, the fourth is the most exciting. I’m working on *drum roll*…… A GRAPHIC NOVEL YAYYYYY

It’s a partnership project in which I am the writer and my artist friend is the artist (makes sense, don’t it?). Check her out on Instagram @thesefewcreatures , and if you see anything including (Mala)kai, Em(erald), Calum, or Aka, get used to those faces. Those are the characters I’m writing the story for. They and the concept are of thesefewcreature’s creation, but I’m in charge of deepening their character and writing out a script for the drawings for follow.

So that’s what’s going on! I’ll try to keep posting tutorials, general updates, and all that stuff.

-AJ 😀



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