Value Planning


Okay wow. First few weeks of having a blog and I can’t even keep up with it. I know what you’re thinking: newbie. And you’re completely right. Plus I’ve been super busy with school.

Nevertheless in my spare time I’ve taken to doodling on my Wacom, and as I realized they my drawings sucked on pure technical difficulties because I’m not used to digital painting (I’ll show you those later), I started watching a few tutorials on the subject. I came across this one video in particular containing a concept I never even knew existed, and in hindsight was probably the downfall to even my traditional paintings (especially in Acrylic; man I suck at Acrylic). Such is the life of being self-taught.

Take a look at the video by Tyler Edlin.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress on this new concept. 🙂

And since I’m on the free WordPress plan, I can’t give you the video directly (I didn’t know). So here ya go:




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